Torger Heldal Hoel - About me

My experience with healing began when I followed my wife Arja to a healer. He told me that I have abilities and encouraged me to start practicing healing. I followed his advice and the healing power has grown stronger along the way and has given me a lot of great experiences. Healing has become an important part of my life, something I am really passionate about.

The period after I realized that healing really works, I experienced an amazing time and I was able to help my family, friends and friends of friends curing the most strangest symptoms. This gave me the inspiration to seek deeper understanding around what I'm doing. And the joy was great when those I treated showed their confidence by coming back and was recommending me to their friends and relatives.

I have had the opportunity to develop my skills over time, and want to help as many people as possible. The development led me to a turning point in life, where I decided to work full time with alternative therapi and healing. your social media marketing partner