Heal yourself with positive thoughts

I have been lucky to go through a process where I learned how our thoughts affect the body. I am finding it difficult to describe with words how much influence our thoughts have in our lives. The body responds instantly to every thought we are thinking. It is actually more to it than that, it includes our energy fields, which goes far beyond our bodies.

The deeper part of this process started with a lot of negative thougts and feelings which raised to the surface. To get through this I had to work hard to be able to transform the negative into positive, and each time I went through this process, I could feel the impact in my energy field.

I have read the book "The Secret", and seen the movie. It gave me some aha experiences. I will try to convey the part of the book that I have chosen to carry with me.

The Secret describes the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is all about that you will automatically receive more of everything you focus upon. If you think positive thoughts, you attract more positive thoughts and positivity in general into your life, and if you think negative thoughts you attract more negative thoughts and negativity in general into your life. Inside the word negative includes aggression, fear, depression and more.

To become aware of the negative and to get help to turn this into something positive, there is a tool you can use.

To be able to change from being negative to being positiv we have to change our thought patterns. Since we have so many thoughts in our heads at all time, it is not possible to monitor them. However, we can monitor our feelings. When we think positive thoughts we will automatically feel good. But, if we think negative thoughts (or are depressed), we feel something else. So if, every time we feel bad, we start to think positive thoughts, then «swish» your emotions changes into something better. Many of us are getting trapped because we are thinking thoughts in the same frequency as our feelings. If we are conscious of this process we can manage to create positive thoughts when we discover that we have bad feelings.

You can view "changing thoughts" like a radio and change the frequency by choosing thoughts. It may be smart to make a short list of good things in life - things you appreciate and that makes you happy. Every time you get a bad feeling you can change the frequency by focusing on an item from your list. By doing this you will automatically attract more of the same and it will eventually become easier to be positive. This is a powerful and wonderful healing method that everybody may use on themselves.


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