Meditation is simply beautiful. An unimaginable number of thoughts flows through our heads every day. Although many perceive it that way, the thoughts is not a part of us, and many of us let the thoughts control our lives unaware of this. Meditation is about releasing the thoughts and the mind and to open up for a deeper contact with onerself. In this state, you have access to your true potential, with all the opportunities it will provide. Meditation is not difficult, but it requires some practice.

It is not necessary to sit in lotus position when you meditate, you should rather find a position that you are comfortable with. When I started meditating I was easily falling asleep and therefore I found it smart for me to sit. As I became accustomed to meditation, I found it easier to stay awake.

In the beginning, until you feel you've mastered it, you may find it best meditating undisturbed. After I experienced that I was mastering meditation I found it easy to meditate anywhere, also among people without getting disturbed.

Here is a simple meditation technique with focus on the breath.

1. I would recommend that you in the beginning reserve about 15 to 20 minutes each day to meditate. It may be smart to do this at the same time and place each day if possible.

2. Close your eyes and clear your head of all thoughts, while you focus on your breathing. Breathe calmly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.

3. Be aware that your thoughts is not a part of you. In the beginning you will find that many distracting thoughts arise. It's okay, and does not mean that you do anything wrong. When this happens, try to observe them as if you were a spectator, pushing them aside until you again turn your attention back to your breath. When you have practiced meditation for a while this will run automatically, and the intrusive thoughts will arise less frequently.

You will eventually find that meditation will be a great tool for personal growth and wellness.

Some good reasons to meditate:

  • Meditation helps you to sleep better at night
  • Meditation makes you more creative
  • Meditation makes you a better problem solver
  • Meditation release tension in the body
  • Meditation calms you down and reduces stress
  • Meditation is good for your nervous system
  • Meditation releases the natural healing processes in the body and strengthens your immune system
  • Meditation teaches you to control your mind
  • Meditation gives you more energy
  • Meditation reduces the symptoms of many sorts of diseases
  • Meditation gives you better concentration your social media marketing partner