The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel" (of energy), and can be described as an energy wheel and the link between body and soul.

Humans have seven major chakra centers. Each of these is linked with specific mental and physical characteristics, as well as colors and symbols. The seven chakras starts in the crown and down the spine. It is through the chakras that "disease" in mind and spirit are considered to manifest itself as physical symptoms in the body.

Chakra nr. 1 :

Root chakra

Location in the body:

At the bottom of the tailbone.


Is connected to the immune system, sexuality, sense of smell, and our creativity. The root chakra stores information like family values, instincts, physical pleasure, pain and touch. The root chakra should always be open connecting us with earth.


Obesity, hemorrhoids, impotence / frigidity, constipation, bladder problems, depression, hyperactivity and lack of confidence.

Over Active: Can create greed and materialism.
Under Active: Can create fear, insecurity. Anxiety.
Sensory Function: Odour
Color: Red
Statement: I have

Chakra nr. 2 :

Sacral Chakra

Location in the body:

Four inches below the belly button, on the front of the body, pelvic area.


Ovaries, testicles, kidneys, adrenal glands, fertilization / embryo.


Kidney ailments, muscle cramps, aggression, problems with fertilization.

Over Active:

Sexually active, hypersensitive, lack of control over emotions, you feel dependent on others.

Under Active:

Stiff person who lacks touch with their feelings ("poker" face). May be unavailable for other people.

Sensory Function: Taste
Color: Orange
Statement: I wish / desire

Chakra nr. 3 :

Solar plexus chakra

Location in the body: Behind the navel to the spine.
Affects: Pancreas, breath, will, digestion, activity level.

Breathing problems, depression, anxiety, liver problems, lack of confidence, food allergies, A feeling that others control you or megalomania, gallstones, the intellectual, demanding, digestive problems, perfectionist, workaholic, diabetes.

Over Active:

Can be dominant and sometimes aggressive or angry. Selfishness and arrogance.

Under Active:

Can create a condition where you feel passive and unable to bespecific. Lack of confidence in themselves and others. Guilt and insecurity.

Sensory Function: Vision
Color: Yellow
Statement: I will

Chakra nr. 4 :

Heart chakra

Location in the body: Behind the heart in the spine.

Lungs, heart, arms, hands, ability to receive and give love, thymus gland.


High blood pressure, manic-depression, asthma, over-critical, demanding, poor heart, muscle tension in the back, between shoulder blades, cancer, paranoid, high blood pressure, fear of surrender, afraid to be free, terrified for rejection, trying to control others through money.

Over Active:

Can create a condition where one might "stifle" the other with his love, or you offer love of selfish ulterior motives.

Under Active:

Can create a condition where one becomes cold and distant. Envy, Vulnerability.

Sensory Function: Touch
Color: Green
Statement: I love

Chakra nr. 5 :

Throat chakra

Location in the body: In the neck.

Neck, throat, ears, mouth, arms, hands, muscles, nerves, thyroid gland, communication, creativity, connections.


Influenza, colds, neck pain, goiter, muscle tension, hyperactive, talking nonstop, self-righteous, dogmatic or modest, unreliable, weak, difficult to express themselves.

Over Active:

Talking too much, dominate others, keeps others at a distance, poor listener.

Under Active: Inwardly, quiet and possibly shy. Frustration, self-repression.
Sensory Function: Hearing, sound.
Color: Blue
Statement: I speak, I express myself to others openly and freely.

Chakra nr. 6 :

Third eye chakra

Location in the body: In the forehead behind the eyebrow center.

Pineal gland, eyes, ears, nose, brain, intuition, dreams, imagination, clairvoyance, the 6th sense.


Headache, tiredness, diarrhea, unexplained pain, exhausted, blindness, self-centered, manipulative, religious fanatic, authoritarian, nightmares, schizophrenic, over sensitive afraid of success.

Over Active: Cynically, fanatical, raving (too) much.
Under Active:

Little faith in themselves and their own decisions. More trust in others than in themselves. Easily confused.

Sensory Function: Intuition
Color: Indigo
Statement: I see, I understand

Chakra nr. 7 :

Crown chakra

Location in the body: The top of the crown.

The pituitary gland, thought, information, knowledge, enlightenment.


Often, migraine, hair loss, dandruff, dark circles around the eyes psychotic, constant frustration, destructive, no joy.

Over Active:

Confusion and hypersensitivity. Overactive within the spirit and the spiritual. The physical body and its needs are ignored.

Under Active: Spiritual uninterested. Lack of receptivity to new ideas.
Sensory Function: Cosmic awareness.
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