About healing

My goal with healing

My goal with healing is to help you to achieve better balance. At all time, energy is flowing into, through us and out of our bodies. When we are in balance, all the energies will flow naturally and freely through us, which makes us feel Grounded, Powerful, Creative, Confident, Loving, Intuitive and Connected. If we are out of balance, the energies does not flow naturally and we might experience to be negative, our life to be heavier than usual in different ways, and we also become susceptible to diseases. Healing will also help you to find your way back to your original energies and will promote your spiritual development.

Who can benefit from healing?

Healing can help both humans and animals and works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You do not need to be sick to benefit from healing. Healing can provide you with more energy, help you to relaxation and contribute to a more harmonious inner life. I have several clients who uses healing as a tool to stimulate innovation and change. I often find that my clients receive insight, understanding, and various messages during and after a treatment.

I am also giving distance healing for groups, where all participants will be addressed individually during the treatment. This works just as fine for a family, for a group of colleagues, athletes or senior citizens.

Distance healing

At the moment I offer healing treatments as distance healing. Since healing energies has no distance limitations, providing remote healing gives as good results as healing through touch.

To obtain best results from the session, I hope you can arrange a quiet, undisturbed place. It may be advisable to have a blanket or a duvet available if it should be cold during the treatment. Any information received during the treatment will be communicated afterwords. I practice confidentiality.

After treatment, I recommend you to drink plenty of water and take it easy the rest of your day.


It is important for me to have a close follow-up around the treatment. Since we do not meet in person during a distant healing treatment, it is important to give feedback in both directions. Usually I exchange mail with my clients, but it is also possible to arrange a time for a conversation after the treatment. Since I am located in Finland, we can have this conversation via Skype which is free.

What can you feel during a treatment?

During the treatment, the client will often feel something physically on their bodies, as heat, cold, tingling, kinetic energy, view images, etc. I often get feedback that the treatment provides a comfortable and relaxing feeling in the body which might be compared with massage. It is common to sleep well the following nights.

How fast does the treatment work?

The immediate condition after a treatment varies. Sometimes the body needs more time or more treatments before it becomes better. It is perceived in some cases that the symptoms may become worse after treatment, before the process turns and the positive effect appears. Energy healing in general gives higher attention to the cause of the problem than to the symptoms. I can never guarantee any improvement.

Will healing help everybody?

Generally, healing may help everybody, but in some circumstances the right conditions are not present.

  • If the purpose of the disease is for you to learn something, you will not become well before you have achieved this. If so, the healing might help you to gain insight and understanding so you can move on.
  • If you are not supposed to become well, or the time for recovery is not mature, healing might not give the wanted impact, or it may require several treatments.
  • It may be that I (the healer) do not have what it takes to help you. If so, another healer might help you.

Healing in your workplace

Distance healing can be used successfully in your workplace. Use the opportunity to balance your collegues and to prevent disease. Remote healing can contribute to reduction of stress, a better and more harmonious working environment and can help your employees to adapt during reorganizations and larger processes of change. Treatments can be carried out during working hours and the best results are obtained when the client can remain undisturbed in a quiet room or similar.

Will healing replace treatment from a doctor?

No. I encourage everyone who feels sick to visit their doctor. The treatment is not intended as a substitute for conventional medicine, but as a supplement. If you are using medications prescribed by your doctor, so do not stop with these. I can not guarantee any improvement or provide any form of diagnosis.

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