Free distance healing

Free Nordic Healing

We are a group of Healers from the Nordic Countries which comes together to unite our energies.

The keyword for the healing is "BALANCE". When we are in balance, all the energies will flow naturally and freely through us, and we feel Grounded, Powerful, Creative, Confident, Loving, Intuitive and Connected. If we are out of balance, we might experience to be negative and our life to be heavier than usual in different ways.

The healing will help you to find your way back to your original energies and will promote your spiritual development.

  Offering free healing twice a month.

  Next healing event: Sunday December 4th. 2022
  Scandinavian time: 20:00 Finland: 21:00


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A Nordic healing cooperation, universal power through distance healing. Started in December 2011 when Torger Heldal Hoel who is resident in Finland initiated a collaboration with Gry Tone Hansen in Norway. We started immediately to learn to know eachother "energetic" through meditation, distant healing and conversations, and knew quickly that we swung on the same frequency. The collaboration was a fact and the vision of a Nordic cooperation with several healers began to take shape. 

By working together, the energy becomes stronger and the individual characteristics of each healer is enhanced and complements each other. We all work through our soul aspect of healing, inner light, and does not use any methods learned. We look forward to cooperate and welcome everybody to feel the love of the universe through distance healing in a Nordic cooperation.

Anna-Katariina Hollmérus, Norway
Bjørn Kristian Igeland, Norway
Gunhild Simonsen, Denmark
Ellinor Eklöf, Sweden
Peter Lykkehus
Gry Tone Hansen, Norway
Torger Heldal Hoel, Finland

 Free Twin Soul Healing

  Offering free healing every Tuesday.

  Next event: Tuesday May 31st. 2016
  Scandinavian time: 19:00 Finland: 20:00

Time is changing, Energy is changing and We are changing.

We feel that the Twin Soul healing- consept has reached its natural end, and we will therefore have the last Twin Soul Healing Tuesday, May 31st.2016.

Everything has its beginning and its end, and we want to thank everyone of you for wonderful years together with shared experiences of unity. We are eternally grateful for your participation.

Remember that healing is a personal energetic connection from the core of your soul, your spark of Creation. YOU are the leading force in your life, belive in yourself.

With Love and gratitude,
Gry and Torger


We have completed our very last Twin Soul Healing.

Thanks to each and every one of you who have participated in our healing-moments throughout these years, since 2011. We are truly gratefull. Wishing you all the best for the future!

From heart to heart
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